Dry Rot Pictures

Photographs of severe Dry Rot

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Photos of Dry Rot in Buildings - pictures of Dry Rot in skirting boards, floors, beams, joists - Dry Rot can occur almost anywhere, if the conditions are correct.

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Dry Rot Pictures - worst case - fruiting bodies

Dry Rot can be very serious - always consult a Qualified Expert, or give us a call for free advice, or buy a Book:

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The photographs below show EXTREME examples of Dry rot - the early symptoms are far less dramatic. So, it is important to take qualified advice immediately. Many fungal attacks are actually Wet Rots, but some Wet Rots are difficult to distinguish from Dry rot, so do call us or a qualified Timber Infestation Surveyor. We can supply a list of Qualified Property Care Association Members, or go direct to the PCA Website.

Dry Rot Spores photograph

Dry Rot Fruiting Bodies

The rust red dust on the carpet is Dry Rot, in the form of

millions of Spores from this enormous Fruiting Body, or Sporophore. Superb!

This outbreak was caused by an external water leak - it developed whilst the Owner was away for two months.

Dry Rot Fruiting Bodies under a floor

Dry Rot Fruiting Bodies under a floorboard

Hidden voids under floors are perfect as a growth area for Dry Rot - dark and moist, with little air flow.

Note the rust red spores hanging in the cobwebs and the cream coloured edge to the spore body.

Dry Rot Fruiting Body

Dry Rot Fruiting Bodies

Pieces of timber removed from buildings, showing the white skin of Dry Rot.

Dry Rot Fruiting Bodies on a wall

Dry Rot Fruiting Bodies on a skirting board

Amazing part-dead Dry Rot in a Basement. Fresh body emerging from a skirting boards.

Dry Rot Fruiting Bodies on a skirting board

Dry Rot Fruiting Bodies on a skirting board

Dry Rot growing from the skirting boards, but no signs of damage to the front.

Massive dry rot sporeophore

Dry rot strands and mycellium - skin

Dry Rot fruiting and lots of strands and mycellium, plus some fruiting bodies.

Cuboidal cracking in skirtings

Severe Cuboidal cracking in skirtings

Large cuboidal cracking - typical of Dry Rot. Note - you can have Dry Rot and Wet Rot together.

Early Dry Rot signs

Strands, myscellium, spores of dry rot

Early beginnings of Dry Rot (left hand picture). Skin and strands, plus Spores (right hand)

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