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Boron Treatments for Rot - boron based insecticide, boron based fungicide, and boron based Boracol 10RH and Boracol 20. Borates for treating wood, treating masonry, treat dry rot, treat woodworm, treat death watch beetle, preserve timber, as a wood preservative.

Treatment of Rising Damp - how to treat rising damp and penetrating damp in walls and how to replaster to the correct specification to prevent damp and salt from emerging. How to insert a chemical Silicone Cream Damp Proof Course by injection at low pressure. Methods for analysing damp problems, water leaks and condensation. How to kill mould and control condensation and control black mold.

Deck Treatments - how to treat patio decks and yacht decks with Boracol 10RH, a Boron based timber preservative, which combines a Mouldicide and a Fungicide. How to treat timber decay, wet rot and dry rot in decks, wooden posts and masts. Cane all weather garden furniture, woven rattan sofas, woven cane chairs and cane tables.

Basement Waterproofing Membranes - air gap membrane for walls, air gap membrane for floors, Kontract 8 membrane, Wykamol membrane, membrane on floors, cellar membrane, basement membrane, plaster membrane, dry lining membrane. Sump and pump, sump drain, sump pump drains, sump pump systems.

Epoxy Resin - epoxy resin, polyester resin and polyurethane resin for bonding wood, gluing timber, repairing stone, laminating timbers and for stitching timbers or stitching brickwork or stitching stonework.

Joist Repair for Timber Floors - how to quickly repair joists and repair wooden beams of any size, repair domestic joists, support or extend rotten joists.

Timber Resin Repair - systems of timber resin repair, using epoxy resin for wood repair. Bonding bars, bonding dowels and repairing beams with epoxy glass bars bonded in Thixotropic Epoxy resin.

Repair Timber in Buildings - how to repair timber beams, repair purlins, repair rafters, repair tie beams, repair Bressumers. Timber-Resin splice kits for replacing rotted beam ends or renewing mid-span sections. Upgrade resin pouring for strengthening under strength beams. Modified flitch designs Structural Timber repairs. Glulam beam repairs.

Woodworm Treatment - how to kill woodworm and prevent woodworm and treat death watch beetle. Boracol 5RH treatments, insecticide and fungicide. Ecobor B20 Gel and Boron Injection B40 Gel.

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