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Boracol 10 - Surface Treatment for Dry Rot - how much will I need for two sprayed coats

1. Spraying floors - terraced house: 7.5 to 10 litres per floor, detached house: 25 - 35 litres per floor

2. Spraying roofs - terraced house: 20 - 50 litres per roof, detached house: 30 - 90 litres per roof

When using a 5% solution apply four coats, instead of the two coats used for a 10% solution.

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Optional Accessory Products:

Pump up Sprayer, 5 litre or 12 litre Knapsack type

Mask for water based sprays


Ecobor 20 or Wykabor 20 Gel - Surface Treatment of Dry Rot - per brush coat of 20% concentration

1. Smooth timber - 0.25 litres per square metre = 4 square metres per litre

2. Rough timber and end grain - 0.5 to 1 litre per square metre = 2 to 1 square metre per litre

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Boracol B40 Injection Gel - into holes in the timber - hole size and spacing for Dry Rot

B40 Injection - 8 - 10mm diameter holes, to 15mm from opposing face, 100mm centres along the grain, 75mm centres across the grain

Usage rate - use our chart of hole spacing for various timber sizes as a guide, or call us on 01626 872886 and we'll calculate your exact requirements. (Hole Spacing Guide - click here to download)

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